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"My own Art-Museum on Internet" (MyAMI)

Please think about provision of "Your own Internet Art Museum"!

You may have big stock of art works your have created so far and you might perhaps be in difficulties how to deal with those precious works. You may be willing to present those works to as many people as possible someday.

As it will be very hard for you to construct your own "Real building" for your own Art-Museum in terms of initial cost and operating fee even after inauguration of the facilities.

Therefore we are now proposing to build up "My own Art-Museum on Internet" (MyAMI) and you can store your works in digital forms and you can show your works to the people who may access to your site, your own "Gallery" on Internet.

1) To make suggestion and plan how to maintain and present products that Artists have created by using Internet, as their requirements,

2) To support taking photograshs of art products for digital filing,

3) To write copies to summarize your performance or history to be included in your home page and to translate them if you will,

4) To build up your own home page.


HO & Associates is well experienced to give you necessary support because we have already build up many "Art-Museums" on Internet.

You can see one of the typical Art-Museum from here!

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